Welcome to the Generico website.  Generico formed in 1987 and focuses on providing "bread & butter" products to production companies, venues, rental companies, touring artists, venues, and other outlets for everyday products at an uncommon value.

The idea for the Generico product line started after getting tired of having shows and projects return only to be  missing small items that one can typically never have enough of, often getting lost or misappropriated, and over the course of a year or two can mean losing thousands and at times tens of thousands of dollars to replace.  It all started with a generic "fill your own" sandbag.  After having lost hundreds of them over several years, and cringing at the cost for such a simple item, this became the impetus to create a product that would cost less than half of the traditional sandbag, ship empty to save 90% of the shipping cost, and be easily filled by the buyer.  From there came hoist chainbags, bolt on chain bag brackets, DMX cable, gobo holders, other types of cable, and then Socapex style products.  The product range has expanded to include various hardware items such as our widely accepted truss bases, motor cables, motor tails, various metalwork, and a line of LED fixtures styled and refined to become an economical alternative to numerous popular LED fixtures.  Recent additions include our line of fully engineered 12 x 12 truss which has been widely accepted, 12” truss circles, 16” x 16” truss, and 20.5” now starting to go into production.  

Generico will continue to add products, and we will customize all of our products to the best of our ability for a client’s particular requirement.  We continue to add sensible products that offer noticeable value to all of our clients.  We have sold our products all over the USA and Canada and many foreign countries.  Check back with us to see what is new.