Circle Truss

Circle Truss
  • Compatible with all leading brands

  • Comparable capacity to all brands

  • GENERICO truss is produced exclusively by Generico E.P .

  • All aluminum is 6061-T6 alloy

  • Rounded edges on all tubing ends

  • Radius edge on all 1” x 2” end framing.

  • Grade Eight bolt kits included with each section.

  • Powder coating available upon request

  • Custom lengths available

    Generico 12” x 12” truss is manufactured utilizing all 6061T-6 grade aluminum.  All welding is performed by highly trained welders, all of whom were specifically and extensively trained by one of the best truss fabrication experts in the industry. All truss is manufactured in purpose built jigs to ensure perfect alignment and construction on every piece. All leading brands of truss mate perfectly with GenericoEP truss using the industry standard bolt pattern.

    GenericoEP truss is stocked in large quantities to ensure availability for when you need it.  All truss ships packaged in an individual cardboard box for any size section and for corners to ensure the best condition upon receipt.